Creator/Community Portal is OP3N's free dashboard that content creators, KOLs, and everyone can create and manage their own NFT projects which will/may be hosted on the OP3N platform.

How to get to Creator/Community Portal?

In the meanwhile, the Creator/Community Portal is only available on Web (Desktop/Mobile). You can simply go to and log in OP3N account to access it

How does Creator/Community Portal work?

The simple process of Creator/Community Portal is:

1. Creators create/update community/project.

2. OP3N Admin Team review content of creators' community/project

3.1. If the community/project is rejected, creators will be informed by an email with a suggestion

3.2. If the community/project is accepted, congratulation! it will be hosted on the OP3N platform

Creator/Community Portal features

Once you access and log in to Creator/Community Portal, you can: