How do I check my NFT after purchasing on OP3N?

Modified on Sun, 22 May 2022 at 11:12 PM

After you successfully purchased an NFT on OP3N, the system will automatically mint the NFT to your wallet address on the corresponding blockchain. 

OP3N does not hold your NFTs, or ask you to transfer your NFTs to us for any reason

Following are some of several methods to check for the NFT information.

I. Via OP3N Mobile App - Account Management

1. Go to Account Screen in the OP3N mobile app.

2. Check your wallet connection. Make sure it's the same wallet that you've used to buy the NFT.

3. If the wallet is correct, you will see the information displayed in the NFT Collection Tab.

4. Tap on the NFT picture to view the NFT information.

5. Tap on the QR Code will navigate you to the transaction address of the NFT you bought.

II. Via

1. Go to, a well-known NFT Marketplace.

2. Connect your wallet

3. Go to "My NFT". You should see your newly purchased NFT listed there

For more information on how to use, please visit their FAQ.

III. Via importing the NFT information to Metamask Crypto Wallet

Please visit Metamask guidelines on how to import NFT to your wallet.

For the smart contract of each project, please refer to the first method (Via OP3N Mobile App - Account Management) to check out your transaction and get the address and the token ID.

* Please note that you have to input the full TokenID (e.g, your TokenID is 0078, which means you have to enter "0078" instead of just "78") to get/view the correct NFT

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